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Association Name

Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students (KNAPS)


IPSF Member Status

Full Member


Association Description

Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical students (KNAPS) has been acting as a link toconnect world pharmacy students to Korea after it was founded in 2007. Name of the association was SKH-IPSF before but has changed to KNAPS.

KNAPS is non-governmental, non-religious, non-political organization. Representing 35 universities and 932 students. After approved as a full member in 2007 World Congress Taiwan, KNAPS delegates are representing the Republic of Korea every year in the world congress and Asia Pharmaceutical Students Symposium. We hosted 9th and 15th APPS held respectively in Seoul and Ilsan.

Executive committees and each team they manage are in charge of the administration of KNAPS. The executive committees consist of President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Contact person,Student exchange officer, Branch manager of south, Leader of academy & education, Leader of culture and information, Leader of plan and strategies, Leader of publication and Leader of media and public relations.

Assemblies conduct the election of all executive committees, approval of annual plans and official rules. Every member of KNAPS can take part in the event to exercise their rights by voting. Assemblies are held 3 times a year, composed of 2 regular assemblies and 1 general assembly.

For annual events, we are holding National Congress, K Pharm Leaders’ Camp, Medical Awareness Campaign, Patient Counseling Event and Christmas party. KNAPS also implements variety of workshops, pharmaceutical symposiums and the information sessions to promote KNAPS and IPSF/APRO. You can visit our website or facebook page to look for more updates.


Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents

35 universities


Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents

932 students









Contact Person

Ms. Yoonjung Choi (


Student Exchange Officer (SEO)

Mr. Minjun Park (