Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students (KNAPS)


Association Name
Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students (KNAPS)

IPSF Member Status
Full Member

Association Description
Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical students (KNAPS) was founded in 2007 by one pharmaceutical student, Jae-yoon Seol. Name of association was SKH-IPSF at first but was changed to KNAPS.

It is non-governmental, non-religious, non-political organization. It represents 35 universities, and more than 200 students. It was approved as a full member in 2007 World congress Taiwan. We hosted 9th APPS in Seoul. Members of KNAPS has participated on every IPSF and APPS since then.

KNAPS has advisory committee, President, Secretary General, Tresurary, Contact person, SEO. We also have branch manager of Seoul, midwest and south. There are also 6 branhes. They are External relations, media and public relations, publication, plan and strategies and pharmacy education. There is one chairperson for each, and they are elected every summer. To manage a project or a campaign, staff team is formed to work together.

We hold annual National Congress, Medical Awareness Campaign, Vampire cup, Patient Counseling Event. We also hold Christmas party and occasional gatherings to keep in contact with each other. Recently, KNAPS started P channel on facebook to raise awareness about medicine. Currently, KNAPS is looking forward to host 15th APPS 2016 in Seoul.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
35 universities

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
More than 200 students




Contact Person
Ms. Ye-ji Sa (knaps.cp@gmail.com)

Student Exchange Officer (SEO) Contact Person
Ms. Minkyung Kim (lumosbymk@hanmail.net)