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New Zealand Association of Pharmacy Students – Otago (NZAPS-O) 

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Full Member

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The New Zealand Association of Pharmacy Students - Otago (NZAPS-O) is a voluntary student organisation with over 200 members that represents New Zealand's National School of Pharmacy, located in the student city of Dunedin. Membership is open to all students, including those who have graduated and are completing their internship year.

The association consists of ten executive members who work closely together to organise social events, educational opportunities, sports competitions, student exchanges and promoting pharmacy and public health campaigns. The Committee is elected annually and has the goal of helping young students to become responsible health professionals, at the same time preserving the social aspect of university life through the events organised for the members.

Before the start of each academic year, a camp is held for second year students. This gives them the chance to form friendships within their year group as well as getting to know the executive team and other helpers that attend.

Tutoring and study support is offered, as well as having a team that represents each year group who meet regularly with lecturers to discuss aspects of the course and teaching to better refine the programme to benefit students.

NZAPS-O is involved in IPSF campaigns such as the Vampire Cup as well hosting a patient counselling event for students to further their clinical and professional knowledge and skills.We also hold pharmacy awareness seminars where pharmacists from around the country attend in order to provide information about their role and allow students to learn about the many different areas pharmacists can work and the opportunities a BPharm degree can offer.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
1 University ; The University of Otago

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The New Zealand Association of Pharmacy Students Otago

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Mr Elliot Harris (

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Ms Helen Kim (