Introduction IPSF LIT
The IPSF Leaders in Training (LIT) program is primarily aimed to train pharmacy students interested in taking up leadership roles in their local, national or IPSF level to become better leaders and ensure there is a certain standard of leadership amongst new leaders every year. The LIT program is also combined with the potential to help LIT participants to be successful trainers and provide the same LIT training program in same leadership topics for their local student associations.

LIT is also a helpful way for students find out more about being involved in IPSF, if they are interested, and becoming equipped with essential leadership skills before taking upon the role if successfully elected, whilst also being more informed about IPSF and its structure and portfolios and encourage any questions participants may have. It must be clear, it is not compulsory to attend LIT to be considered as candidate for IPSF executive elections at congress.


Top 5 Topics in Training
The Leaders in Training workshop equips participants the skills, tools, knowledge and attitudes they need in being a leader and a trainer.
The Program is half learning and half participating within these topics:

Personal Development
We believe that before being a leader, one must know themselves first. To lead others you need to able to lead yourself. This session will explore personal attributes, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses to know yourself better before becoming a leader. Here we will also learn concepts of servant leadership, time, email and calendar management skills, prioritising and sharing the IPSF spirit.

Being involved in any leadership will inevitably require skills in regular contact with members and other people you must work with. This will include responsibilities in being fluent with email contact, how to provide positive and constructive feedback, how to participate, prepare and chair a meeting and respect others ideas during discussions and meetings, conflict resolution and public speaking skills.

Project Management

As leaders, most often projects will need to be organised, from local events to the international ones such as IPSF World Congress. Thus future project or event organisers are encouraged to also attend this session. It will include concepts such as timeline planning, sponsorship seeking, dealing with external professional contacts verbal and written form and budget planning.

Succession Planning and Group Dynamics

At IPSF we believe in importance of survival of any organisation, especially student organisations where there are high turnover rates, is successful succession planning- which includes LIT! And it’s also important to identify group dynamics to work well as a team during the year and at the same time identify and encourage younger student members to be more involved in your organisation.

Successful Training
For those who are interested, LIT will also provide participants with the skills on ‘how to’ run a successful training session at their local association. This will include how to be a facilitator, communication, session planning, evaluation and feedback and energizer games. Participants will also provide training during the symposium in short workshops to have practice in one of the above 5 topics certified by IPSF.



Specifically invite people who are:

  • Members who want to gain leadership and trainer’s skills for the future possibility to be the leader locally, nationally, regionally or even internationally.
  • Future Reception Committee members of World Congresses or Regional Symposia
  • Students who currently or planning to be leaders in local or national student associations.
  • Students who want to provide training at their local student association

This is one amazing experience that you shouldn’t miss!