East West University Pharmacy Club (EPC) – Bangladesh


Association Name
East West University Pharmacy Club (EPC) –¬†Bangladesh

IPSF Member Status
Member in Association

Association Description
Activities of Pharmacy Club fall outside the realm of classes, courses and exams. This club is devoted to create a ‘Pharmacist’ like sense in the hearts of Pharmacy Students. This club is the only place where each and every one including Graduate students come together for one common cause…..that is ‘Our Department and Our Profession’…..!

Pharmacy club creates leaders. Each student of Pharmacy dept. is directly or indirectly connected to this club. It increases several human skills which can be earned by voluntary activities. Which includes:
1. Communication Skill
2. Leadership
3. Team Management
4. Professionalism

Pharmacy Club organizes PHARMACY DAY- the biggest event at EWU, seminars, workshops, poster present competition, quiz competition, cultural program and social marketing in different International observance like World Cancer Day to create public awareness.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
One university which is East West University (EWU), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
60 active members of EPC and 800 students of Dept. of Pharmacy


EWU Pharmacy Club


Contact Person
Mr. Arafat Siddiqui (epc.cpipsf@gmail.com)

Student Exchange Officer (SEO) Contact Person
Mr. Mahmudul Hasan Tushar (epc.seoipsf@gmail.com)