HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ Institut Teknologi Bandung (HMF ‘AP’ ITB)

HMF 'Ars Praeparandi' ITB

Association Name
HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ Institut Teknologi Bandung (HMF ‘AP’ ITB)

IPSF Member Status
Member in Association

Association Description
Himpunan Mahasiswa Farmasi (HMF) ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB is a student organization comprised of students who have the same field that is pharmacy which is also part of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) student body. HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB has four principles, namely the divinity, studinity, pharmacy and family. The aims of HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB are :

  1. Helped foster its members devoted to God Almighty
  2. Cultivate and maintain brotherhood and sisterhood among all members and to continue good relations with the once a member.
  3. Broaden and deepen the knowledge and insight of pharmacy.
  4. Pay attention and seek a common interest in the field of education and welfare.
  5. Utilizing the ability to welfare and community organizations as well as development of science.

HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB has been a Member in Association (MiA) since 2004. These are some of our active participations in IPSF :

  • Host of The 5th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) 2006 in Bandung.
  • Host of The 55th World Congress 2009 in Bali
  • PCE organizer since 2006-now.
  • SEP organizer since 2006.
  • Pioneer of PPAC in Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO).

Besides those listed above, HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB has also done other IPSF’s projects including Public Health Campaign, Vampire Cup (Blood Drive Event), etc.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
1 university, which is Institut Teknologi Bandung

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
619  students


HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB


Contact Person
Ujang Purnama (

Student Exchange Officer (SEO) Contact Person
Ms. Erba Rahmatina (