International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Keluarga Mahasiswa Farmasi Universitas Padjadjaran (IPSF BEM KEMAFAR UNPAD)


Association Name
International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Keluarga Mahasiswa Farmasi Universitas Padjadjaran (IPSF BEM KEMAFAR UNPAD)

IPSF Member Status
Membership in Association

Association Description
IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD is a MiA (Member in Association ) alongside with the other 4 MiAs from Indonesia. In Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Padjadjaran, The students have an official organization called BEM Kemafar UNPAD legitimated by Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Padjadjaran. IPSF BEM Kemafar has a position under the External Relation of BEM Kemafar UNPAD organization alongside with 2 others Indonesian phamacy students organizations i.e. JMKI (Jaringan Mahasiswa Kesehatan Indonesia) and ISMAFARSI (Ikatan Senat Hahasiswa Farmasi Indonesia) whereas led by the President of BEM Kemafar UNPAD.IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD itself has their own official organizer, consist of Contact Person and specialized team. Specialized team consist of 3 persons with different mandates i.e secretary, publication and documentation and LEO (Local Exchange Officer).

BEM KemafarUNPAD became a member in association of IPSF in 2005. International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation Member in Association Keluarga Mahasiswa Farmasi Padjadjaran University takes place as a chain to pharmacy students especially in Padjadjaran University who wants to know and learn how to be a good pharmacist worldwide, and keep trying to inform people and stay connected with IPSF, Asia Pacific Regional Office of IPSF and its projects including their annual events.

Before 2013, IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD was a semi-independent organization, IPSF BEM Kemafar worked with the aids of BEM Kemafar UNPAD (Pharmacy Students’ Council) to do some health events. Contact person of IPSF BEM Kemafar worked independently without regulation from BEM Kemafar UNPAD. IPSF BEM Kemafar also had a structure which was different from BEM Kemafar UNPAD.In 2013, BEM Kemafar UNPAD decided to change the regulation. IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD had to alter the structre and start over using BEM Kemafar UNPAD’s regulation.CP works under BEM Kemafar UNPAD (under External Department) by now and is only allowed to have 3 staffs to supervice all of IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD’s projects.

IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD is currently working and focusing on Patient Counselling Event and Clinical Skill Events as they are crucial to improve our competence and ability as future pharmacists. One of remarkable events called World Pharmacists Day coming up in September 2014 with numerous interesting programs, such as general discussion; alumnus talk-show and scholarship program; socialization, education and free medical check-up to people in some villages near the campus; Patient Counselling Event and Clinical Skill Event for students; and campaign called “Pharmacy Goes to School”. This campaign is intended to introduce and promote Pharmacy Profession in high school students in Bandung. Lately, IPSF BEM Kemafar UNPAD had done a Clinical Skill Games for participants of LK 2 Ismafarsi (an event held by another students’ organization). This game was on a short session after Discovery IPSF program in order to enhance their passion to take part in IPSF. The participants were divided into some groups, each group was given a case and they had to give the best solution and the right medicine. They were enthusiastic and satisfied with this game.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Padjadjaran

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
150 students


IPSF BEM KEMAFAR Universitas Padjadjaran Indonesia


Contact Person
Ms. Febby Valentine (

Local Exchange Officer (LEO) Contact Person
Ms. Afina M Tsanya (