Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association-Pi Chapter (JPPhA- Pi Chapter)


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Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association-Pi Chapter (JPPhA- Pi Chapter)

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The JPPhA- Pi Chapter is a co-curricular organization which includes all bona fide Carolinians of University of San Carlos under the Department of Pharmacy of the School of Health Care Professions. The organization promotes the importance of pharmacy profession, reflected on the University’s motto: SCIENTIA, VIRTUS, DEVOTIO. It highlights the importance of quality healthcare that is committed to excellence through different activities organized and participated in bringing life to the organization. It also advocates medication expertise, upholds integrity, and promotes people’s well-being in attaining its goals. Taking brave steps in the organization, it reflects its vision in producing Carolinian pharmacists who are professionally competent and globally competitive. As one family, it inspires unity and synergism among healthcare professionals around the world.