Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (PPHSF)


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Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (PPHSF)

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Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation is an apolitical and non religious organization working for the excellence and grooming of the pharmacy students in Pakistan. We want to provide pharmacy students a platform for polishing their skills and making them professionally sound.

Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation is the representative body of Pharmacy Students in Pakistan.
Our members are present in different Pharmacy Schools all over Pakistan. PPHSF represents the young pharmacy students and Pharmacists of Pakistan. Currently its representing around 60 members from all Pakistan but as we are expanding . so we are expecting 200 plus members.

Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation Organized a number of events that includes
1) Session on CV designing for final year students.
2) Community Awareness program about role of pharmacist in community of Pakistan.
3)Free medical Camps in the rural areas.
4) Sessions on How to be an entrepreneur after Pharm.D?

Expanding network of PPHSF to small cities and rural areas of Pakistan.
Awareness campaigns for the role of pharmacists in the community.
Student exchange programs on National & International level.

Establishing a platform for the Pharmacists of Pakistan.
Creating awareness and promoting profession of pharmacy.
Establishing Pharmacy societies within different universities to link pharmacy students nationally and internationally.
Helping pharmacy related international organizations in organizing their events and campaigns in Pakistan.
Organizing workshops and seminars for the pharmacy community of Pakistan with the aim to train the pharmacist on international standards.
Initiating exchange programs between different universities to know the research work going on in the field of Pharmacy.
Building relationships with other professional organizations and playing an effective role to connect pharmacists with other health professionals.
Publication of work by Pakistani pharmacists to appreciate their efforts in the field of research.
Creating the platform which will analyze the problems and then present the solutions of problems faced by pharmacists in Pakistan to authorities dealing with the matter.