Pharmaceutical Students’ Association of Taiwan (PSA-Taiwan)

PSA Taiwan

Association Name
Pharmaceutical Students’ Association of Taiwan (PSA-Taiwan)

IPSF Member Status
Member in Association

Association Description
PSA-Taiwan joined IPSF as a member in association in 2005, representing all of the seven pharmacy schools in Taiwan. We aim on improving the relations between seven schools and professional groups, cultivating the global perspective and pharmacy profession of our students and endeavouring the identification amongst international pharmaceutical students’ associations.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
7 universities, which are:

  • NTU (National Taiwan University: Taipei City)
  • TMU (Taipei Medical University: Taipei City)
  • NDMC (National Defense Medical Center: Taipei City)
  • CMU (China Medical University: Taichung City)
  • KMU (Kaohsiung Medical University: Kaohsiung City)
  • CNU (Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science: Tainan City)
  • TJU (Tajen University: Pingtung County)

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
3300 students




Contact Person
Ms. Wan-Hsuan Ocean Chou (

Student Exchange Officer (SEO) Contact Person
Ms. Yu-Hsuan Julie Chao (