University of the Philippines Pharmaceutical Association (UPPhA)


Association Name
University of the Philippines Pharmaceutical Association (UPPhA)

IPSF Member Status
Member in Association

Association Description
“The University of the Philippines Pharmaceutical Association (UPPhA) is a democratic organization of the University of the Philippines College of Pharmacy led by the UPPhA Student Council (UPPhA SC). The UPPhA SC shall be recognized with its prime duty to preserve and promote the general welfare of the students of the College. The UPPhA SC shall be able to unite the entire student body, protect and preserve its rights and interests, instill awareness and fidelity to duties and responsibilities and encourage social awareness. The organization aims to produce unified projects and programs tailored to the needs and further improvement of the members of the College, the University, the Profession, and the Nation.

UPPhA believes in
1. Co-Leadership – The UPPhA shall serve as a venue for training and developing potential student leaders of the College through shared responsibility and accountability on its projects.
2. Collaboration – The UPPhA shall harmoniously function as one unified body in the planning, development, and execution of every project.
3. Commitment – The UPPhA shall be a medium for the students to give back in service to the College, the University, and the country.

The UPPhA is composed of the Executive Committee, namely
– President
– Vice President
– Secretary for Internal Affairs
– Secretary for External Affairs
– Secretary for Finance
– College Representative to the University Student Council (USC)

And Batch Representatives from each year level (1st to 5th) and two undergraduate programs (BS Pharmacy and BS Industrial Pharmacy).

The organization also consists of the official volunteer corps, also known as the Service League, comprised of six committees, namely: University and National Issues, Public and Media Relations, Ways and Means, Health and Environment, Academics, and House and Documentation Committees.

Number of Pharmacy Schools Your Association Represents
“University of the Philippines (UP) College of Pharmacy”

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
“500 students”

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