RWG kimmy 2

Waranyu Lengwiriyakul (Kimmy)

IPSF APRO Chairperson 2017-18



email chairperson@apro.ipsf.org



"Contact me if you have any questions relating to matters within the Asia Pacific region. Whether it is information regarding our member associations, activities, publications or events, my team and I will be able to assist you!"

Yeoh Tze Wei (Desmond)

IPSF APRO Secretary 2017-18



email secretary@apro.ipsf.org



"Contact me if you need any assistance with anything and everything about IPSF APRO. I'm always here for help!"

RWG des des
RWG melody

Melody Grace Natalie

IPSF APRO Regional Projects Officer 2017-18



email rpo@apro.ipsf.org



"To anyone who needs help and suggestion regarding projects -- public health, professional development, or pharmacy education -- I will be very happy to help you!"


Jenny Luh Wahyuni

IPSF APRO Regional Relations Officer 2017-18


email rro@apro.ipsf.org



"For any kind of information about IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office (IPSF APRO) please feel free to contact me any time. If you want to share your ideas, opinion about APRO and want to give us any advices and recommendations to make APRO work more efficiently, my door is always open for you. Let’s have a wonderful journey together as a family."

RWG jenny
RWG tadha

Muhammad Murtadha bin Mohd Mazwil

IPSF APRO Regional Media and Publications Officer 2017-18



email rmpo@apro.ipsf.org

email muhammad_murtadha@yahoo.com


"Contact me if you need any IPSF APRO publications to be promoted in your association or country. You can also contact me whenever you have any questions, advices and recommendations for the publications of IPSF APRO. Viva la pharmacie!"

Tsubasa Nakagawa

IPSF APRO APPS Chairperson 2018


email apps@apro.ipsf.org


"For any kind of information about APPS Japan 2018 please feel free to contact me any time. See you in Fujiyoshida, Japan!"

RWG tsubasa