Professional Development



Leaders In Training

The Leaders in Training (LIT) aims to develop a quality and sustainable leadership program for pharmacy and pharmaceutical students and recent graduates worldwide and to equip the future workforce with leadership/management skills required to take on global roles in health issues, pharmacy, and specifically engage with policy making.


Interprofessional Collaboration

Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) is the term when two or more professions in healthcare and social-work learn together during their professional training and work. These projects aim to provide pharmaceutical students with an opportunity to better understand other health care professions’ significant roles and be able to know our position in the team. Also, it could increase and promote the understanding of pharmacists’ roles to health care students to achieve Universal Health Coverage.



IPSF APRO runs various educational events and competitions throughout the year, including Clinical Skills Events (CSE), Patient Counselling Events (PCE) and Industrial Skills Events (ISE) as part of IPSF APRO’s continual commitment to fostering the professional development of our world’s future pharmacists.