Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium



Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium

Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) is the biggest event held under IPSF APRO. Every year, different countries and associations will be the host for the APPS. In APPS, pharmacy students from all over Asia Pacific countries will gather under one roof and do activities together. Despite having workshops and symposiums, APPS also allows its participants to indulge in interactive activities such as excursion day, international night and gala night. APPS has been reviewed by a lot of APRO members to be one of the most enjoyable event in their lives. Do not miss this chance. Join us in this year APPS!



Covering a lot of different topics especially regarding the pharmaceutical field, participants get to know more about the new system in other countries through these workshops. Majority of the hours spent by the participants in APPS will go to these workshops. As the workshops cover different sectors of pharmaceutical (i.e. pharmacoeconomics, clinical pharmacy, pharmacogenomics, public health and many more), participants have freedom to choose the workshops up to their liking in the registration process.


Gala Night

Gala Night is the key activity in every APPS. Gala Night usually conducted on the night before the last day, the day of farewells. Gala Night may sometimes be the last interactive activities in APPS.  Therefore, on that night, the participants are required to dress up with their best suits and dresses.  The participants are also served with the best food and drinks to celebrate the almost-ending event.



Symposiums are talks sessions done in the initial phase of every APPS. Symposiums are usually done on the first day of APPS. It is an obligatory for the participants to attend the symposium sessions and unlike the workshops, symposiums cannot be chosen since the number is limited. Key figures in the healthcare system of the hosting country are usually invited to give the talk for the symposiums.


International Night

International Night is the only one activity in APPS which participants can exhibit publicly the cultural side of their own countries. Since APPS is a gathering of students from different countries, the different cultures from countries all over Asia Pacific are gathered and actively promoted through
dances, games, handicrafts, foods and beverages. There will also be dance performances by each countries to brighten the mood up.


Regional Assembly

Regional Assembly (RA) is probably the main reason APPS is conducted every year. Regional Assembly is an important part in APPS, in which representatives (called as Official Delegates - OD) from each associations under the umbrella of APRO need to sit down and discuss the past, current and future plan of APRO. In the RA, the next leaders for APRO will be selected, the yearly plan and the future plans for APRO will be discussed.