IPSF APRO is committed to strengthening the communication and public-sharing knowledge among our members as well as to report the wonderful ideas that we brainstormed during our external meetings!

The first episode will feature SEARO Edition. IPSF APRO RWG had the opportunity to meet Dr. John Prawira from Department of Emergency WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia Region to discuss about the difference between emergency preparedness and emergency response, the link with Universal Health Coverage and our role as future pharmacist to contribute in this area. Stay tuned! *Disclaimer: the information in this video does not represent WHO as an organisation*

Here's Episode 2 of the SEARO Edition, featuring again our special guest, Dr. John Prawira from the Department of Emergency of the WHO Regional Office for the South-East Asian Region, and our lovely APRO RWG.

In this video, we discuss more on how we as pharmacists can contribute to emergency preparedness and response. We hope you enjoy the video, and don't forget to like, leave a comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel and social media pages!

*Disclaimer: the information in this video does not represent the WHO as an organisation*

IPSF APRO Corner-WPRO Edition

In this WPRO Edition, we have a very special guest, Dr. Emmanuel Eraly who is currently working at the Department of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific to discuss one of the current serious threat to global public health, The Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: the information in this video does not represent WHO as an organisation

IPSF APRO Corner-AYPG Edition

In this AYPG Edition, IPSF APRO (represented by Ms. Florensia Rahati Pujiani, the Regional Relations Officer of IPSF APRO 2019-20) would like to take you through her experience in AYPG, what seminars she has attended and amazing people she has met. Also, we have a very special guest Ms. Sherly Meilianti who is the current project coordinator of FIP YPG and the incoming President of FIP YPG that shares with us about her inspiring experiences too.

PSSSST! Find out more in this video, and don’t forget to hit like, leave a comment, and subscribes to our Youtube channel and all social media accounts!

Disclaimer: the information in this video does not represent AYPG as an organization

IPSF APRO Corner-RWG Special Edition

IPSF APRO RWG consists of people who are always dedicated and committed to contributing to IPSF or IPSF APRO. They come from different countries and backgrounds yet surprisingly they could gather and work in solid co-operation. In this vlog, we could see their working relationshoip and what happens when they gather together for IPSF work.

A face to face meeting was conducted by IPSF APRO RWG and APPS Team to have a discussion and to finalize the concept of APPS Singapore 2020. They have spent time together for a few days during the face-to-face meeting. Within the vlog, we could see how the RWG enjoyed themselves over there despite being busy with IPSF APRO work.