APRO Regional Project

2019 - 2020

campaign NCD

Fight NCDs Campaign

January, 2020

Fight NCDs is a campaign that aims to increase public awareness, especially member organisations and pharmacy students in Asia Pacific regarding 4 main Non-Communicable Diseases, namely Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and Chronic Respiratory diseases. By using social media platforms,this campaign educates readers about the four diseases, ranging from what are the risk factors, causes and symptoms of the disease, the prevalence of the disease in the Asia Pacific region, how to prevent it, how treatment is performed and also the role of pharmacists in those NCDs.

In addition to publishing the online campaign, to further raise awareness and action in the prevention of Non Communicable Diseases, APRO also held a Fight NCDs Competition: Let’s Walk Off Competition. This is a step collecting competition which requires participants to collect as many steps as they can per day during January 2020. By doing this campaign it is hoped that public awareness about NCDs will increase and the prevalence of these diseases can be reduced by the increasing number of people who start the prevention by doing physical activity.