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Wondering what is our on going project each month? IPSF APRO has project updates through our calendar to ensure your particiption and engagement! Do not forget to check this out and mark your calendar! Let's join now!


Get our recent updates on the news happening around IPSF APRO. Click this to check our highlighted stories of External Meetings and important news to inform you what have we done to expand the region.

APRO Corner

Welcome to APRO Corner! This is a platform where you can get updated of what have we done, who are our partners, and which external meetings we are going. Get engaged with us featuring our partners to discuss on highlighted health-related issues and youth development talks! We also do so much fun as part of Regional Working Group to greet you. Click, watch, and travel the world with us!

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APRO Podcast

Welcome to Season 1 of the APRO Podcast! This is a platform where you can listen to the inspirational stories of peoples around us. This platform shows that there is a hero in each of us.

Tune in to listen to the story of life, the story of courage, the story of struggle, and the story of success.