World Diabetes Day - Call for Article Submission

Deadline: 25th October 2020, 23:59

For 2017 this study estimates that 792 million people lived with a mental health disorder. This is slightly more than one in ten people globally (10.7%)

Topic of the Event

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Academic Article Writing is one of the projects launched under the Regional Projects Officer (RPO) Pharmacy Education (PE) portfolio which is believed to be a new intervention for IPSF APRO to raise awareness and expand the knowledge about health issues. The theme of this article submission is “Achieving Better Understanding of the Complex Issue: Mental Health & Wellbeing”.

Aims of the Event

The aim of this event is for participants to explore the academic literature and discuss a specific aspect of mental health issues at hand. It is a means to abolish indifference toward the link of mental and medical well-being. The writing broaches the latest topics of our current medical societies with the attempt to bridge the gap between mental health and wellbeing as in how both factors should be taken into account altogether, in a simultaneous manner. This event seeks to explore evidence-backed ways or propose ways to render them a popular opinion. Words have power in this case especially when it comes to documenting these ways which are not limited to medical but also nutritional ones and those regarded as healthy lifestyles. It serves to remind patients and medical practitioners alike on the significance of resorting to medications eventually in order to improve well-being. This enables readers to revisit their definition of healthy lifestyle. As such is healthcare workers on their prescriptions and recommendations to be in the best interest of both mental and medical well beings of visiting patients. Eventually, this event is hoped to allow writers to have a hand in accomplishing a society of utmost comprehension of not only on physical but also mental illnesses in recognition of their nexuses.


What impacts does this event bring to the community?

By using an online platform is expected to raise courage to participate in this avenue of for participants to express their views and perceptions in their article expounding the importance mental health. It, in turn, will help create a widespread awareness regarding mental health and endorse methods for a great mental health throughout the medical community especially during unfortunate events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. As a future pharmacist, it is particularly important for us to point out about mental health and help assist people to understand much better about its complexities and how to achieve good mental health. This event encourages pharmacists or pharmacy undergraduates to hold an open-minded view as to how the framework supporting mental health of a person tumbles leading to mental illness which is not of choice but of the influence of circumstances. This assertion of mental health being the right thing to do will inject courage into the future pharmacists to listen to patients without a single trusted person to confide in as well as to be the pillar of preventing escalations of such illness when an ear or a primary care needed is simply neglected. To start recognising there is a problem in our ways of maintaining of mental well beings or their lack thereof is a consequential course of action to set this project off. Factors impeding the betterment of mental health shall be explored during such as stigma, discrimination and judgement on the effects of mental illnesses (eg. Lethargy, suicidality, “attention-seeking” risk-taking behaviours) that adversely impact the patients’ lives further. The same goes for the proper methodologies of breaching the barriers and propelling patients upward to a higher motivation in life which potentially can aid in solving other non-communicable diseases. With these, may we prevail and emerge as a stronger community in the face of mental and Covid-19 pandemic.


What activities did this event include?

The participants are asked to write one chosen question out of the three-question listed below:

-          How might a pharmacist (or future pharmacist) promote mental wellbeing for a specified population?

-          What are some ways that mental wellbeing has been affected by COVID-19 pandemic in your community or country?

-          What does it mean to achieve ‘mental health for all’?

The submitted articles will be accepted and reviewed by IPSF APRO RPO team and they will select the top three articles to receive a certificate of excellence while giving a certificate of recognition to each participant who joins this initiative. In addition, all curated submitted articles will be put into one booklet and will be published officially through IPSF APRO social media account(s).