Become A Member


IPSF represents pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students worldwide. Current students as well as recent graduates of up to four years after graduation can become members of the Federation. The IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office assists potential members from countries of the Asia Pacific region to apply for membership with the Federation. There are several types of membership under IPSF: 

Individual Membership

This applies to individual students or graduates who are not existing members of any IPSF student member organisation. 

Organisation Membership

This applies to pharmacy and/or pharmaceutical sciences student organisations. Members of these organisations will become members of IPSF once their student organisation becomes a Member Organisation.

Alumni Affiliation

This applies to individuals who are not eligible to apply for Individual Membership but have had previous experiences in IPSF. 

Friend of the Federation Affiliation 

This applies to individuals looking to collaborate further with IPSF. 

Any Student Organisation in Asia Pacific region wishing to become an IPSF Member Organisation and would like to receive guidance and assistance from IPSF APRO can contact us through email: