campaign AMC

Animal Medicine Campaign

November 3rd - 5th, 2019

This campaign aimed at providing insight into animal medicine and creating awareness on the expanded scope of practice of pharmacists in animal medicine. Inter-professional collaboration between pharmacists and veterinarians was highlighted. This serves as an important awareness especially for those who may want to explore non conventional pharmacy career pathways; it would be a great opportunity for interested pharmacists to specialise in this field and research on more optimised treatment regimens for animals. IPSF APRO ran social media campaigns where the publications were posted. This also enlightened me as a pharmacy student on what medications can be used for animals and which ones to avoid; I believe there are many people who were not aware of this and the campaign served as a great learning tool. I hope that moving forward we’ll have more research into this area and with pharmacists being on the frontline seeing that they are the medication experts.

campaign WAA

World Antibiotic Awareness Campaign

November 18th - 24th , 2019

The United Nations General Assembly and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have identified Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) as a fundamental threat to human health and global health security. As a representative of pharmacy students worldwide, IPSF focuses on promoting public health issues within the community. The objectives are to increase the awareness towards this emerging issue of AMR in Asia Pacific region, to provide a general overview about the most common case of AMR within the region and to educate and engage our member associations about the role of pharmacist and pharmacist students to overcome this issue.

In this campaign, we were calling members to post a 10 seconds video on Instagram or Facebook story about their tips to overcome AMR. We also shared about the definition of AMR, the pathogens that cause AMR, the number of countries that were affected, some fun facts, and essential things to consider when taking antibiotics. At last, we received more than 20 videos and lots of positive comments toward the campaign.

campaign IVD

December 5th, 2020

This project is an initiative from IPSF APRO to celebrate the International Volunteer Day that will be held every year on the 5th of December. This is the opportunity for RWGs to appreciate our beloved Subcommittees for all the efforts and dedication to serving this region. This initiative was once implemented on the global level and we are trying to adopt it and implement it within our region. IPSF APRO created one video to share our experiences and feelings about the work we are doing for this region and to acknowledge all efforts that you guys have been doing to improve this region and inspire pharmacy students all over the Asia Pacific.

The video consists of the definition of APRO Pharmily to the team, their motivation to volunteer, impact that they are expecting by volunteering, and things they learned so far while being a part of IPSF APRO Team. The video can be watched on IPSF APRO Official Youtube Channel.

campaign FtF

Fight the Fakes

December 2nd - 8th, 2019

IPSF APRO’s Fight the Fakes campaign is a part of the global initiative which seeks to expose the negative impact of fake medicine. We provided our member associations with the result of the research about the prevalence of fake medicine’s case among the Asia Pacific region through a series of publications and interactive activities. Seven designs were published on all of IPSF APRO’s social media in 4 consecutive days, while offline campaigns were held to raise awareness of the local community/university students about fake medicines and promote engagement with them.

campaign UHC

Universal Health Coverage Day

December 12th - 14th, 2019

IPSF APRO’s Universal Health Coverage(UHC) campaign was an online campaign that aimed to raise awareness of UHC among pharmacy students and to encourage them to participate in the “Health For ALL” campaign. The UHC campaign was done for 3 days and 5 designs were uploaded on IPSF APRO official social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Via this campaign, we introduced our associations to the concept of Health For All but, ways to measure UHC, and roles of pharmacists in UHC policy. Further, we collected member organization’s insights on accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage through Instagram story.

campaign climate


Climate Change Awareness Campaign

February 27th - 29th, 2020

In response to the increasing attention to climate change issues, IPSF APRO has joined hands with IPSF AfRO to conduct an online “APRO X AfRO Climate Change Awareness Campaigns”, with the aim to increase the interest and awareness of both APRO and AfRO members regarding climate change. Infographics were shared to inform the impact of climate change on infrastructure and communities, as well as the impact of health quality of the citizens. The role of pharmacists in addressing climate change issues was also highlighted to our members, in hope that our members acknowledge their responsibilities in this matter. An interactive quiz was also posted to our social media to engage our members and assess their understanding in this topic.

campaign apps2020

APPS Theme Campaign

March 18th - 20th, 2020

APPS Theme Campaign is an online campaign dedicated for APPS 2020 to increase the interest and awareness of APRO members regarding the theme of APPS 2020 - “Envisioning Our Potential as Millennial Pharmacist”. This campaign illustrated the paradigm shift in healthcare, and highlighted the increasing role of pharmacists through a series of infographics. We also had the “Questions of the Day” to engage our members and gather their thoughts and opinions on how they visualize the role of pharmacists being repositioned in response to the new challenges pharmacists are facing today.

The APPS Theme Campaign was conducted for the members of APRO region for the awareness about the APPS 2020 theme, “Envisioning Our Potential as Millennial Pharmacist” which was going to be held in Singapore. The campaign was titled “Get to know more about Apps theme 2020!” and were targeted to pharmacy students, general public and social media users. Campaign was held online and promoted through posters, stories, quizzes and bingo in social media.

The promotional posts discussed the paradigm Shifts in Healthcare, Patient care, technology use, Unique and new challenges of AMR and Vaccination, the roles of pharmacists to overcome these challenges, and creating new opportunities in big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, pharmacogenomics and tele pharmacy.