Clinical Skills Event (CSE)


Semifinal: 11th July 2020

Final: 12th July 2020


General Background

Clinical Skill Event (CSE) is an annual event initiated by the IPSF APRO Regional Projects Officer under the Professional Development portfolio. As pharmacists are health professionals with an expertise in medicines, IPSF holds this event to help develop professional competencies for future pharmacists and promote the clinical roles of pharmacists.



This CSE was aimed to boost participants’ knowledge regarding clinical issues besides training them to utilise their clinical knowledge to solve drug-related problems and improve patients’ drug therapy. During this event, participants’ critical thinking and evaluation, problem-solving and decision-making skills are put to the challenge through some healthy competition among IPSF APRO members.


Activities included

Prior to the competition, a Pre-CSE Introductory Workshop was conducted by Mr. Eric. This workshop gave a comprehensive overview on the step to approach clinical cases so that the drug-related problems were identified and resolved in a systematic way. This year, the CSE was conducted based on a jeopardy concept, in which each team consisted of 3 members. There were 2 levels for this competition, beginner and advanced.



This CSE could train the participants to integrate clinical knowledge and skills. These included knowledge of disease, drug therapy, non-pharmacological management, therapeutic planning and skills such as drug information, laboratory result interpretation, patient monitoring, communication and physical assessment as well as ethics. As a result, it enhanced the participants’ skills to identify, resolve and prevent drug-related problems or pharmaceutical care issues. Therefore, the pharmaceutical care provided by our future pharmacists could optimise medication therapy, prevent disease and promote the health of society. To conclude, this CSE helped to improve the competency and quality of pharmacy students.

Patient Counselling Event (PCE)

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Industrial Skills Event (ISE)

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