IPSF APRO Regional Working Group 2020-21 has successfully signed a collaboration contract with MIMS.Ltd that will exist until 2022. This collaboration remarks our commitment to ensure long-term prospect partnership to meet the benefits and needs of the members. The agreement allows us to get strong promotional strategy support through different platforms of MIMS.Ltd, journalism publications to highlight our events and projects, professional speaker pools and internship opportunities in MIMS across the region. 


MIMS.Ltd is the Asia Pacific leading multichannel provider of trusted, quality medical information, medical education and knowledge services connecting healthcare communities. We have a strong presence supported by over 700 employees in 17 countries and regions across the Asia Pacific. For over 50 years, MIMS has been a peerless partner and a trusted source of medical knowledge, empowering healthcare professionals to improve lives.


This collaboration aims to provide pharmacy students and recent graduates a promising future by utilising our partner and collaboration to expand their knowledge. IPSF APRO and MIMS also cooperates to help our members in expanding their future career prospects by learning directly from successful professionals. We believe that together we can improve the future of healthcare societies, especially in the pharmaceutical landscape.