Association of Pharmaceutical Students’ – Japan (APS-Japan)

APS Japan

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Association of Pharmaceutical Students - Japan

(APS-Japan, Japan)


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Background Description:

APS-Japan aims to connect pharmaceutical students all over Japan. In addition, we try to find what we can do as pharmaceutical students and future pharmacists. We have 6 committees, Students Exchange committee, Pharmacy Education committee, Public Health committee, Academic committee, Regional Relations committee and Public Relations committee. Each committee has many activities which are held in many regions of Japan, such as Tohoku, Tokyo, Tokai, Osaka and Kyushu.

The Students Exchange committee gives members of the association chances to use English, to meet students abroad and broaden their outlook. The Public Health committee holds lots of campaigns for local residents which are based on daily studies. The Pharmacy Education committee has Seminars which are called Study Session Projects and also provide hospital visit programmes. The Academic committee attends conferences and presents their researches every year. The Regional Relations committee plays an important role to make students in low-population area active. The Public Relations committee is in charge of promoting these campaigns and programmes through social media.



APS Japan 1

APS-Japan Annual Congress

It is usually held in March as the last month of the year, and all members of APS-Japan gather in one place to show, enhance and develop themselves in the pharmacy field. The reception committee prepares many different kinds of workshops for it. This year it will be held in Tokyo, on the 14th and 15th of March in 2020.

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Pharmacy Festival

The aim of the Pharmacy Festival is to let pharmacy students and medical students recognise the activities of APS-Japan. This year, we presented our activities in the first half of the year and had workshops that participants  can discuss and share their opinion of the topics such as how to solve problems and finding their own personalities.


APS Japan 3

Orientation Day

Orientations are held in each area annually for the freshman in the faculties of pharmacy. The purpose is to increase publicity and welcome new members. In this event, the freshman can experience icebreaking activities, workshops, and visiting the booth of committees.