Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students (KNAPS)

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Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students

(KNAPS, Republic of Korea)

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Full Member

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1 association, 35 universities

Background Description:

The Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students (KNAPS), formerly known as SKH-IPSF, is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organisation representing students and recent graduates from 35 universities across the Republic of Korea. Founded and approved as a full member in 2007, our association has now grown to 2024 members in total.

The KNAPS Executive Committee consists of 12 elected executive members and 9 subcommittees who are united in a shared commitment in achieving 3 main goals: developing the profession of pharmacy, ensuring public health, and creating student networks.

KNAPS has been involved in IPSF in various ways such as participating in public health campaign and hosting pharmacy profession-related events like patient counselling event, clinical skills event and etc. Furthermore, KNAPS sends a number of delegations every year to various international congresses and is also currently preparing for the IPSF World Congress 2020 which is going to be held this year.



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National Congress (NC)

The KNAPS National Congress is the largest annual event that is held every February. It is a 2-day event which consists of a series of activities; including educational symposiums, workshops, public health campaigns, patient counselling event and a social night with a homecoming party.

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K Pharm Leaders' Camp (KPLC)

KPLC is an event held by KNAPS where IPSF APRO members are invited to be trained up as leaders for the future. Lectures, workshops, field trips and Korean night are included, providing opportunities for participants to develop their pharmacy profession and to form international networks between pharmacy students all over the world.

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Medicine Awareness Campaign (MAC)

Medicine Awareness Campaign is an IPSF public health campaign, which KNAPS actively participate in. It aims to inform the public about drug abuse, addiction, interaction and side effects. The campaign is held in May every year in two different cities and approximately 60 students are engaged every year.