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Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association

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Background Description:

The Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association (MyPSA) was founded in 2005 as the sole representing body of pharmacy students across the country. In line with our motto "United Towards Pharmaceutical Excellence", MyPSA has been committed to providing a platform for pharmacy undergraduates to practice and showcase personal and professional skills.

Throughout our 15 years of existence, various events were held to train our students into future leaders. These included annual national-level Patient Counselling Events, Clinical Skill Events and Compounding Events, Public Health Campaigns in the local universities, as well as Research Competitions.

The mission of MyPSA is to offer future pharmacists a comprehensive introduction to global health issues through a wide array of programmes and opportunities in an endeavour to develop culturally sensitive pharmacy students of health especially drugs information, intent on influencing the transnational inequalities.

The core objectives are as follow:

  1. To provide an opportunity and forum to discuss any concerns and problems experienced by pharmacy students with the pharmacy community,
  2. To reinforce the roles, communication and positions of pharmacy students in Malaysia
  3. To strengthen the relationship between pharmacy students and the pharmacy community {e.g., the pharmacy industry and the public sector of pharmacy)
  4. To reorganize and realign the pharmacy students’ activities in Malaysia so that the input obtained by students and the output gained by the community are consistent to retain the membership of pharmacy students
  5. To globalize activities done by pharmacy students of Malaysia
  6. To retain the membership of pharmacy students after graduation and to act as a bridge between MyPSA and the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)
  7. To simplify the implementation process of activities and student events in a more systematic way at the national level



MyPSA project 1

Projects 1: National Gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS)

Held every year, NoGAPS has the goal of narrowing the gap between pharmacy students in different universities. It is the event where students put aside school and faculty pride to learn new things about the pharmacy world and to make new friends through both educational and social activities available.

MyPSA project 2

National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC)

The largest annual event under MyPSA, NPSC is our Olympics for pharmacy undergraduates! This event brings nearly 1000 students every year to compete in various sports - athletics, football, swimming, hockey, volleyball; you name it, we have it! We believe that this event encourages wholesome development in pharmacy students, and helps us to reduce stress and maintain healthy living.

MyPSA project 3

National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (NCPC)

Our core Clinical Skills Event and Patient Counselling Event, NCPC focuses on building professional skills of future pharmacists in the clinical sector. Students undergo four rounds of rigorous challenges including patient counselling, ward rounds and case discussion.

MyPSA project 4

MyPSA Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis means to change and evolve into something better. In MyPSA Metamorphosis, we train select student leaders in critical leadership skills over a weekend camp. This camp is then followed by a half-yearly mentorship program that allows participants to gain opportunities to sharpen the skills learnt under the guidance of leading young pharmacists in different sectors.


MyPSA project 5

Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP)

One of the initiatives under our Entrepreneurship portfolio, YEP was started to empower students with the necessary core skills for business and startup work. The three-day boot camp exposes the students to business modelling under experienced mentors and allows them to form an initial working business plan at the end of the day.