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Nepal Pharmacy Students’ Association

(NPSA, Nepal)

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Background Description:

The Nepal Pharmacy Students’ Association (NPSA) is a local pharmacy students’ organisation, which includes around 320 students of B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D. and recent graduates of pharmacy. It was founded in 2007 and consist of three local students’ organisations: the Nepal Pharmacy Students’ Society, the Purbanchal University Students’ Society and the Pokhara University Students’ Society. As NPSA is an association with members from different local organisation, the executive members come from different member organisations as well. The executive consists of the following members: the president, secretary general, treasurer, public health officer, project officer, internal relation officer, and media and publication officer.

NPSA was established with the aims to encircle all pharmacy students under one organisation, secure rights and benefits of pharmacy students, co-relate the association with pharmacy-related national and international organisations, organise pharmacy-related educational programs, public health programs and also to organise professional development programmes.



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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day on 1 of December is celebrated by conducting a flash mob, making people aware about its prevalence and preventive measures.

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Immunization Campaign

Infant mortality is a recurring problem in Nepal. Immunization in the public is of most importance. Local as well as national campaigns are a good idea to educate the public.

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Sports Events

Sports are the way to get to know each other. NPSA, in collaboration with the local organisation NPSS (Nepal Pharmacy Students’ Society), conducts different events on a yearly basis where pharmacy students from nationwide participate.