National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society (NUSPS)


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National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society

(NUSPS, Singapore)

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Background Description:

The NUS Pharmaceutical Society (NUSPS) has been representing the Singapore Student Pharmacists' voice for 60 years. We serve as the governing student body for Pharmacy students, organising activities to advocate public health awareness and establish a vibrant student life.

Our aims and objectives can be classified into a few categories:

  1. Public Health Awareness
  2. Pharmacy Profession Awareness
  3. Pharmaceutical Student Advocacy
  4. Professional Education and Development


NUS Singapore 1

Know Your Medicines, Get it Right! (KYMGIR)

Know Your Medicines, Get it Right! (KYMGIR) is a large-scale free health screening and medication review exercise conducted by NUSPS Essential Medicines Committee (EMed) in conjunction with the Singapore Northwest City Development Council (CDC). The event aims to guide and educate residents on proper and safe use of medications and provides a platform to reduce and resolve medication errors within the community.

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Community Health Angels Mentoring Programme (CHAMP)

Community Health Angels Mentoring Programme (CHAMP) is a service-learning programme developed by NUS Pharmacy in collaboration with GoodLife! (under Montfort Care, a social service agency). Pharmacy students work hand-in-hand with community social workers to provide regular home visits to patients and help them with medication-related needs. CHAMP is run by a dedicated student committee, with advice from the CHAMP faculty and affiliated pharmacists, as well as support from NUSPS to promote the programme to the pharmacy student body.


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Xperience Pharmacy Camp

Xperience Pharmacy Camp is a 3-day 2-night outreach camp which aims to promote awareness of the Pharmacy profession to pre-university students. It will involve hands-on laboratory sessions and other activities to expose different aspects of the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science curriculum to young aspirants.


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The Carnival

The Carnival is an annual event organised by NUSPS PPAC and is held at the end of August. Several booths will be set-up around the university in order to raise awareness of the Pharmacy Profession among students. There will be a general theme for the carnival such as Chronic Diseases and Anti-Microbial Resistance.