Pharmacy Students’ Union of Thailand (PSUT)


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Pharmaceutical Students' Association of Thailand

(PSAT, Thailand)

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19 Pharmaceutical Students' Associations

Background Description:

The Pharmaceutical Students' Association of Thailand (PSAT) was first established in 1975 by the integration of Pharmacy students from 3 student associations with the objectives of promoting health care and encouraging the well-being of Thai people around the country. Today, we have representatives from 19 universities elected as executive committees, representing more than 11,000 students all over Thailand. PSAT has become one of the most outstanding student associations in Thailand. We maintain our routine activities which are all relevant to build up friendship and progress in the pharmacy profession.

"To drive our association towards more achievements, especially advocating for the healthcare of Thai people, promoting the pharmacy profession and uniting pharmacy students through various activities"



PSUT Pharmacy Event

The Pharmacy Event 2019

Pharmacy Event is an annual national academic event of pharmaceutical students all over Thailand, consisting of Patient Counselling Event (PCE), Pharmacy Quiz, Poster Competition, and Project Presentation. Our successful theme of the year was 'Geriatric Care'.


PSUT Aquamacy

Pharmacy Community Camp 'Aquamacy'

Pharmacy Community Camp is the annual volunteer camp where the PSAT members host a one week camp in the backcountry area of Thailand and explore the community, find out what are the obstacles regarding overcoming pharmacy-related problems in the community. Last year, the theme of the camp is 'Aquamacy' due to the southern part of Thailand famously known as the land of seas.

PSUT Games

PSAT Games 2019

PSAT Games could be seen as the biggest event hosted by PSAT with the major aims of promoting healthy lifestyles among PSAT students through sports competitions. Last year, the event was hosted by Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai subdistrict, Songkla province.

PSUT Personality Devt

1st PSAT Personality Development Camp

Personalities, public speaking skills and self-nourishment are the things that can help to mould one to become a complete or fully-equipped person. PSAT believes that pharmacists with good personalities, great teamwork and good speaking skills will set the baseline standard for pharmacists to become better and become more accepted in society.


PSUT Photo Camp

PSAT Photo Camp 2019

PSAT believes that soft skills are important to one's life in order to live in a society more effectively and be able to express themselves in what they are interested in. Last year, PSAT members received a chance to sharpen their photography skills with the help of specials speakers from the Nikon company.