Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) is the term when two or more professions in healthcare and social-work learn together during their professional training and work. These projects aim to provide pharmaceutical students with an opportunity to better understand other health care professions’ significant roles and be able to know our position in the team. Also, it could increase and promote the understanding of pharmacists’ roles to health care students to achieve Universal Health Coverage.

On this year's IPC project, we would like to point out the role of each healthcare professionals to create a dynamic teamwork environment so that we can provide the best patient-centered healthcare services. There are 5 healthcare professions who have important roles in the COVID-19 pandemic response that we pointed out for this project. They are doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lab analyst, and mental health practitioner

Besides, we also launched a mini-game called “Save the Patients!” to learn more about their roles in a fun way.