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Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Indonesia
(BEM FF UI, Indonesia)

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Background Description

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Indonesia (Executive Board of the Faculty of Pharmacy Students of the University of Indonesia) or BEM FF UI for short, is an organisation that holds the executive role in the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Indonesia’s Student Association. BEM FF UI was founded considering the needs of a place to facilitate the aspirations and activities of the students. BEM FF UI acts on following-up the aspirations and activities on student affairs, social politics, arts, sports, and science interests, and also external relations at university levels, national level, and international level.

Founded in 2012, BEM FF UI continues to develop and offer solutions to the government and the public regarding pharmaceutical issues. BEM FF UI continues to strive for an active contribution to national and international pharmacy student organisations.

As a member of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), BEM FF UI actively implements projects that are the main focus of IPSF. In the Public Health portfolio, BEM FF UI often carries out public health campaigns to increase the awareness of the surrounding community on health issues. In the Professional Development portfolio, BEM FF UI actively organises various workshops and competitions to hone the skills of pharmacy students in terms of pharmacy practice, and in the Pharmacy Education portfolio, BEM FF UI actively facilitates its members in the scientific field.

In realising its goals and activities, BEM FF UI has the values, vision and mission carried out, as stated below:

  • Values: Accommodating, Contributing, Synergistic, and Innovative
  • Vision: Becoming an initiator in realizing BEM FF UI as a progressive and innovative centre for the movement of pharmaceutical students for the benefit of pharmaceutical students of the University of Indonesia, the University itself and Indonesia.
  • Mission:
    1. Build a transparent and accountable government system
    2. Build a dynamic and factual student movement
    3. Build a solid and synergic internal environment of BEM FF UI
    4. Capture and facilitate the interests and talents of pharmaceutical students of the University of Indonesia
    5. Improve the good image of BEM FF UI through consistent and creative branding 


BEM FF UI project 1

Pharmacy Festival

Pharmacy Festival (Pharfest) is an annual event that is coordinated by the student executive board of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Indonesia and consists of many events that are conducted to give participants and coordinators the chance to improve their potential and introduce to the citizens about the profession of pharmacists. Pharfest has some events, including Opening Event, National Seminar, Patient Counselling Competition, Debate Competition, Pharmacy Quiz Competition, Essay Competition, Poster Competition, National Scientific Paper Competition, Pharmaceutical Workshop and Closing Event.

BEM FF UI project 2

Vampire Day

Vampire Day is an annual blood donation event from BEM FF UI. The aim of this activity is to increase the knowledge and awareness of society on the importance of blood donation. This is one of the projects under the Department of Community Service under BEM FF UI in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Depok.

BEM FF UI Project 3

Pharmacy Care

Pharmacy Care FF UI 2019 is a social work activity that was held in selected villages. Pharmacy Care consists of various activities to improve the education and health of villagers. In the aspect of education, we provided books, learning facilities such as computers and also created a library for students, coupled with filling classes at school with materials that hone students’ creativity. On the health aspect, we shared various information with villagers about self-medication, balanced nutrition, utilisation of medicinal plants and provided free health checks for villagers.

BEM FF UI project 4

Diskusi Publik (Public Discussion)

Diskusi Publik (Public Discussion) is an annual event held by BEM FF UI in the form of a talk show with experts on public health and pharmaceutical issues. The aim of the event is to improve pharmaceutical students’ awareness and knowledge on the related issues. Diskusi Publik has been engaged not only by pharmaceutical students in the University of Indonesia but also pharmaceutical students in the Greater Jakarta Region.


Public Health Campaign

BEM FF UI is actively conducting public health campaigns related to international health days both offline and online on our social media platforms. In addition to commemorating international health days, this campaign also aims to increase public awareness about health issues.