BEM FF UI, Indonesia

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Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Keluarga Mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia (BEM KMFA UGM, Indonesia)

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Established in 2012, BEM FF UI comes from the “Himpunan Mahasiswa Departemen (HMD)” under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, which was founded in 1965. BEM FF UI was established as a manifestation of youthful enthusiasm and also the unity of the University of Indonesia pharmacy students in one intellectual body. BEM FF UI has 12 Departments and 1 Internal Control Unit. We focus on internal organizational development, relationship building, interest and talent development, socio-political development and administrative arrangement.



Pharmacy Festival

Pharmacy Festival is one of the events held annually by BEM FF UI, which consists of seminars, workshops, and competitions, including patient counselling, essay, and poster competitions. The main purpose of the activity is to facilitate both prospective pharmacists and pharmacists in expanding their knowledge and developing their abilities as well as competencies.

Pharcare 4

Pharmacy Care

Pharmacy Care is an annual project carried out by the Department of Community Service in BEM FF UI to empower the community of selected villages in terms of health and education. The program aims to foster the community to improve their health and education through various interventions, including socializations about clean and healthy lifestyle, self-medication, and nutritional needs, as well as donation of groceries and books.



PSAMabim FF UI is an annual event under the Department of Human Resources in BEM FF UI to facilitate new students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia in adapting to college life and environment. This event provides new students with information about the faculty academic systems, facilities, and infrastructure inside the campus, as well as student organizations in the faculty and other pharmaceutical organizations, including IPSF. In addition, seminars to disseminate information about the pharmacist profession that can widen their perspectives for their future careers are also conducted.

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Open House

Open House of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia is an event that aims to introduce the campus life of students in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, and also introduce career prospects of pharmacy graduates through roadshows, seminars, workshops, and competitions. This event is expected to equip and strengthen the desire of high school/vocational/equivalent students to study pharmacy, especially in University of Indonesia.