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BRAC University Pharmacy Society

(BUPS, Bangladesh)

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Background Description

BRAC University Pharma Society (BUPS) is a student-based club that was formed in the year 2011, with the aim of creating awareness in the world that surrounds us. The objectives of BUPS were well established on the social responsibilities felt by its fellow members and some of those are:

  1. To work for raising the consciousness among the people, regarding different health issues and facts for leading a better life
  2. To eradicate misconceptions regarding health and hygiene among the underprivileged ones
  3. To pass messages about healthy living to people via campaigns, seminars, workshops and sessions with the help of specialists
  4. To raise concern among individuals about their own health and diseases roaming around them
  5. To use the social media’s platform in order to shed light upon the multiple health care facts.



World Health Day

Celebration of a 3 day World Health Day campaign to build awareness for ensuring a step towards proper health care and a healthy lifestyle.



World Pharmacist’s Day

Observing World Pharmacists Day focusing on ‘Evolving Roles of Pharmacists in Healthcare Sectors’.


World Tuberculosis Day

Creating awareness about Tuberculosis and to disseminate useful information regarding its symptoms and treatment.


World Cancer Day

BUPS celebrates World Cancer Day annually through awareness and session talks about the treatments which gives strength to the family of the patients

world oral health care day 2016

World Oral Health Care Day

Creating mass awareness by providing monogrammed t-shirts to widespread health facts to maintain sound oral health on World Oral Health Care Day