Association Name

Federation of Junior Chapters of the Philippine Pharmacists’ Association

(FJCPPhA, Philippines)

IPSF Member Status

Member in Association

Number of Members

10 000

Number of Associations

40 chapter schools

Background Description:

The Federation of Junior Chapters of the Philippine Pharmacists’ Association (FJCPPhA) is an association that represents the students of different colleges of Pharmacy in the Philippines, with the end goal of providing holistic development, social transformation and promoting globally competitive students equipped with necessary skills imbued with morals and passion. Our mission is to be a committed body that will serve as an effective channel in disseminating information and encouraging greater participation of each member thereby producing well-informed and efficient students united in uplifting the pharmacy profession. The FJCPPhA has been a Member in Association of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) since 2018.



Alagang Pharmacist (Pharmacist Cares) Video Campaign

Alagang Pharmacist Video Campaign is a monthly online release for the Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign in collaboration with the different pharmacy chapter schools of the FJCPPhA. Each chapter school is assigned a public health topic and shall create a 45-second to 1-minute video aligned to the assigned theme.


National Patient Counselling Event (PCE)

National Patient Counselling Event (PCE) has been an annual event by the FJCPPhA in collaboration with the Young Pharmacist Group (YPG), the Philippines since 2010 to provide pharmacy students representing their educational institutions a venue to showcase their skills and training in effective patient counselling through friendly competition. Starting in 2015, YPG Philippines has been giving opportunities for schools of pharmacy to experience hosting and organising the PCE.



Pharmacy Youth Advocates (PYA)

The Pharmacy Youth Advocates (PYA) is a pageant where each chapter school shall be represented by a pair of pharmacy students who will showcase what they advocate for. The pair must also submit a project proposal on what they can do to actualize their advocacy and the winning proposal shall be given a budget of PHP 15,000 (300 USD). This year's theme is "Pharmacists Yielding for Awareness as Agents of Public Health."


Jampacked and Pharmolympics

Jampacked and Pharmolympics are the annual dance battle, chorale competition, and sports event of the FJCPPhA. These projects serve as an avenue for pharmacy students to showcase their talents and at the same time promote unity and camaraderie among all the chapter schools.


Brain Battles

Brain Battles is the annual quiz bee competition of the FJCPPhA. Topics include general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical pharmacy, pharmacy calculations, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, manufacturing, jurisprudence, and quality control. Drug therapy analysis was also recently added as part of the competition to test our participants on the practical application of their knowledge.