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Background Description:

The Forum for Pharmacy (FoP) is an organisation established in 1999 by the pharmacy students of Kathmandu University (KU) in Nepal for the welfare of pharmacy education and the profession as a whole with objectives to work for the professional and academic development of students in and out of KU. The organisation is independent in organising its activities within the limit of its objective under the umbrella of KU.


Its aim and objectives are:

  1. To carry out different activities to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of the students in professional and academic matters.
  2. To organise different activities for the communities for social benefits.:
  3. To publish pharmaceutical-related newsletters, bulletins, and posters comprising of student and faculty activities, as well as drug information which is beneficial to medical and non-medical personals.
  4. To organise social works beneficial to society in relation to pharmacy. This may include training and other educational programs.
  5. To organise talk programs.
  6. To discover resources to carry out research and development work.
  7. To develop relationships between pharmaceutical industries and pharmaceutical activities.
  8. To organise interactive programmes among students

The organisation has conducted various programs under the IPSF portfolios of public health, professional development and pharmacy education.

Public Health: Vampire Cup, Anti-counterfeit Drugs Campaign, World Tuberculosis Day

Professional Development: Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign and Patient Counselling Event on World Pharmacists' Day.


fop project 1

AHA-BLS Training

The American Heart Association Basic Life Support training programme was carried out for two days on 21st May 2019 and 23rd May 2019. It falls under the public health portfolio. The major objective of this training program was to train students of third and fourth year on how to deliver high-quality CPR in a wide variety of settings and how to respond to choking emergencies.

It is one of the annually held training programmes that target third and fourth-year undergraduates.

For this event, we contacted certified AHA-BLS trainers. The program was conducted in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital in one of its skill labs.

22 trainees benefited from this training and were certified as Basic Life Support providers. It was quite interactive and interesting to see how students seemed enthusiastic throughout the training session.

fop project 2

Career Counselling Programme

The Career Counselling Programme on 25th and 26th April was organised with the aim to illustrate the career path of Pharmacy and help students choose a proper specification. We wanted to motivate the students towards their career and help them with turmoil and confusion.

We invited around 10 qualified speakers for this event who were working in different areas within the Pharmacy field, who also interacted well and motivated the students.

This event was held in the C.V. Raman Auditorium and was participated by approximately 235 FoP members. We have been organising this kind of event every 2 years so that the students can be prepared mentally to choose their perfect career pathways.


fop project 3

Blood Donation (Vampire cup)

We conducted a blood donation programme on 27 June 2019. This event was registered as the Vampire Cup in IPSF. This was a 1-day program which was conducted in the Fountain behind the library of Kathmandu University, Nepal.

The major objective of this event was to promote and support the establishment of effective national blood donor programmes, the elimination of dependence on family and paid blood donation, and to collect as many blood packets as possible to send it to the Nepal Red Cross Society of the Bhaktapur district.

This program was organized in collaboration with KUYRCC and the Student Welfare Directorial and was successfully conducted without any disturbance. For this event, we prepared a workforce of volunteers. KUYRCC contacted and invited nurses from the Nepal Red Cross Society.

Fop project 4

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of FoP was conducted on 16th January 2019, where the old executive committee was given a farewell and the new executive committee was welcomed. In the meeting, the report of the mandate was presented by the Ex-cos and handover was given to the new team. The main event of the Annual General Meeting was to release the first edition of the digital Pharmaquest which is the bi-annual magazine of FoP.



fop project 5

World Pharmacist Day:

FoP had organised various programmes that marked the World Pharmacist Day 2019 at the fountain area of Kathmandu University, Central Campus, Dhulikhel. Pharmacy students of junior and senior years were there to inform about various public health disease topics. The program highlighted the theme of 2019 i.e. "Safe and Effective Medicines For All". It was mainly targeted at general students, faculty members and staff of Kathmandu University. The students had delivered information using posters and pamphlets. The highlighted events were a Walkathon, Talk Programme, awareness of various health-related topics such as Tuberculosis, Diabetes and Dengue, OTC, Poster Exhibition, Rangoli Making, and a Flashmob.