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Himpunan Mahasiswa Farmasi ‘Ars Praeparandi’ Institut Teknologi Bandung

HMF AP ITB, Indonesia

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Background Description:

The Himpunan Mahasiswa Farmasi ‘Ars Praeparandi’ Institut Teknologi Bandung (Association of Pharmacy Students ‘Ars Praeparandi’ of the Bandung Institute of Technology) or HMF AP ITB, is a student organisation of pharmaceutical students in the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), a part of ITB’s student council (KM-ITB). The HMF AP ITB represents all students in both industrial and clinical pharmacy majors from first to final year, currently 574 students in total. We aim to provide a place for our members to develop their characters and skills for better pharmacy practice in the future in Indonesia by conducting various educational and practice activities.

The HMF AP ITB became a Member in Association of IPSF in 2004. Since then, HMF AP ITB has participated actively in the federation by implementing IPSF projects (such as public health campaigns, patient counselling events, SEP hosting), being a part of the IPSF team, and sending delegates to IPSF events every year. 


HMf ars p project 1

Free Health Check-up and Health Campaign for Society:

We have an annual free health check-up for society. In this program, we collaborate with doctors and pharmacists to provide free health check-ups for people in villages in Bandung that have limited access to healthcare. In 2019, we conducted the event in Cinta Asih Village.


HMf ars p project 2

HMF AP ITB Movement - Passive Smoking: Protect Your Friends (Gerakan Perlindungan Perokok Pasif – GP3)

As the only health students’ association, HMF AP ITB is responsible to raise the awareness about healthy living towards other student associations in the Bandung Institute of Technology. This campaign is one of the pioneer projects of HMF AP ITB since 2018. It aims to educate and raise awareness in the university about the dangers of smoking for both active and passive smokers. This campaign is not only to remind people not to smoke but also to remind people to smoke properly in the right location (with smoking signs).

HMf ars p project 3

Alzheimer's Day Campaign:

This campaign is one of our annual public health projects. One of the biggest challenges in Indonesia is to bring awareness of the importance to gain the ability to recognise the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, which is the main objective of this campaign.


HMf ars p project 4

Student Exchange Program:

We accept students to do research at our university during the summer (July - August). Our Activities in SEP are Welcoming Party, International Night, Weekend Trips, Photo Studio, Final Presentation, and Farewell Party.


HMf ars p project 5

HMF AP ITB Pharmaceutical Debate Workshop and Patient Counseling Event:

The Patient Counseling Workshop was meant to provide facilities for members of HMF AP ITB to understand the process of drug counselling and for them to join pharmaceutical counselling competitions. The Pharmaceutical Debate workshop aimed to teach the participants regarding the fundamentals of pharmacy debate competition, to give a clear overview regarding pharmacy debate competition through a debate simulation, and to improve the critical thinking and public speaking skills of the participants.