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Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Keluarga Mahasiswa Farmasi Universitas Padjadjaran


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Background Description:

The BEM KEMAFAR UNPAD (Student Executive Board of the Pharmacy Students of Padjadjaran University) is an organisation from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Padjadjaran University that is located in Sumedang, Indonesia. We joined IPSF as a Member in Association (MiA) in 2008 and worked alongside ISMAFARSI, the Full Member of Indonesia and with other MiA from Indonesia.


The aims of BEM KEMAFAR UNPAD are:

  1. Help to foster its members’ devotion to God Almighty.
  2. Develop a sense of belonging among its members, and establish good relationship with the academic community in Padjadjaran University.
  3. Expand and deepen the scientific insights of pharmacy.
  4. Improving the welfare of its members.
  5. Developing scientific, creative, innovative, professional and critical attitude of its members.
  6. Facilitating the interests and talents of its members.
  7. Cooperating with related institutions.

From these aims that we have, we hope that we can be a good organisation that can work well for its members and other related institutions.

As a Member in Association, we have taken part in the IPSF’s Projects such as the Mental Health Campaign, World Polio Day, World Diabetes Day, etc. We also joined competitions such as patient counselling events, clinical skills events, and poster competitions to improve our abilities and knowledge.


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World Health Day - Mental Health Campaign 2018-2019:

Mental Health Campaign activities was carried out due to the increasing mental health problems in the midst of our society, largely attributed to the lack of knowledge and public attention about mental health itself as well as the negative effects caused by mental disorders. So, a street campaign was expected to increase public awareness and reduce the number of mental health disorders in Indonesia.