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Junior Philippine Pharmacists’ Association - Pi Chapter

(JPPhA-Pi Chapter, Philippines)

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The Supreme Organisation of the Carolinian student-pharmacists of the University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines was established in 1949, shortly after the formation of the Department of Pharmacy in the abovementioned academic institute. Through the years, it remained steadfast in promoting excellence, integrity, compassion and service.


JPPhA-Pi Chapter is an advocate for improvements to pharmaceutical education strategies and health studies and provides a platform for member organisations to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas. It promotes and develops its members through the encouragement of research involving the process of scientific investigation and holding discussions, seminars and other related activities geared towards the better understanding of the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy Practice, and courses necessary for the full development of the members in general, or where the knowledge of the profession applies. Through this, the organisation is adamant in supporting IPSF’s health campaigns especially in its advocacy – antimicrobial resistance (AMR) education which is quite relevant in the Philippines in today’s time.


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Freshmen Welcome

JPPhA-Pi Chapter values friendship. Every start of a new semester, JPPhA-Pi Chapter welcomes freshmen and upperclassmen alike! It is a time to reminisce and share experiences of the last semester and to listen with hopeful hearts from lecturers in regards to the new subjects offered!


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International Relations

JPPhA-Pi Chapter values international relations. This year, JPPhA-Pi Chapter and the Department of Pharmacy welcomed students and professors from Okayama University of Japan. In honour of the friendship between the two universities, a plenary session was held for the professors of Okayama University to share insights about the research they have exerted in their respective fields. In addition to that, they were eager to share it with the students! How exciting!


Seminar "Effective Communication for Better Science and Health Outcomes”

JPPhA-Pi Chapter values camaraderie. Thus, a seminar entitled "Effective Communication for Better Science and Health Outcomes" is spearheaded by the organisation to unite the Departments of Pharmacy, Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics. It is the organisation's goal to enforce among its students the importance of a healthcare team.

New Carolinian-Pharmacists

JPPha-Pi Chapter values excellence with compassion. Annually, the organisation honours and welcomes new Carolinian-pharmacists. It is a way for the students who are left in the university to wish the new pharmacists good luck and to always uphold the virtues of Scientia, Virtus and Devotio.

Pharmacy Survival Guide

JPPhA-Pi Chapter values life-long learning. Pharmacy as a college program is not a walk in the park. It is the principle of the organisation to uplift the lower classmen to always learn with fun! In collaboration with the university's Guidance Office, the organisation conducted a seminar entitled "Pharmacy Survival Guide" for the freshman to acknowledge their learning styles and encourage each other in their shared dream.