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Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

(PPHSF, Pakistan)

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9 universities from different cities and provinces in Pakistan

Background Description:

The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (PPHSF) was founded by a Mr Sohail Khan who was passionate to provide IPSF opportunities and other national-level platforms to pharmacy students and pharmacy graduates of Pakistan. With the help of a small group of students, the organisation started to lay down its foundation in 2015.

The objective of PPHSF is to empower young pharmacists to explore various aspects of the dynamic pharmacy profession. The opportunities provided by PPHSF include various skill development workshops, latest pharmacy practice seminars, health-related campaigns and internship programs. Other activities include pharmacy profession advocacy programs and health camps. PPHSF forms a network to link pharmacy students and professionals from all over Pakistan!

PPHSF takes part in IPSF projects and activities by joining a lot of pharmacy education webinars. Last year, a few members participated in the online Patient Counseling Event and Compounding Quiz. Some members submitted articles for the IPSF Pharmacy Education Newsletter. Members have been active in various online campaigns, for example, the Antibiotic Awareness Week Challenge. PPHSF is looking forward to participating in the Vampire Cup and Nanjing Statements Challenge too!



PPHSF Pakistan 1

Healthy Living and Diabetes Campaign 2019

Healthy Living and Diabetes Campaign 2019 was conducted from 1st November to 14th November 2019. The campaign was a project implemented in two parts; activities on promoting a healthy lifestyle for diabetics which consisted of presenting a health chart and counselling a diabetic patient and taking a picture with the patient, and a quiz on 14th November.

PPHSF Pakistan 2

Lodging into Practical life

A workshop conducted in which PPHSF members from all over the country were invited. The attendees were briefed about tips for giving a successful interview, formatting an impressive CV and conquering a dream job. Certificates were distributed on the completion of the workshop.

PPHSF Pakistan 3

Infinite Germs: Finite Antibiotics

Infinite Germs: Finite Antibiotics was an online webinar opened for all IPSF members. The webinar was the first one conducted by PPHSF and was certainly a success!


PPHSF Pakistan 4

Nutrition and Medication Counseling Session

Nutrition and Medication Counseling Session was an online session conducted as a Live stream on Facebook. The video was shared live in a number of public health-related Facebook groups and pages to target as many people as possible. It was an open platform to ask anything and to get free counselling from a professional pharmacist and nutritionist.