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Pharmaceutical Students’ Society of Papua New Guinea

(PSSPNG, Papua New Guinea)


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Background Description:

The Pharmaceutical Studentss Society of Papua New Guinea (PSSPNG) is an association comprised of pharmacy students studying at the University of Papua New Guinea School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Medical Faculty (Taurama campus). The association was established in November 2016 with the motive to register with the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) to represent pharmacy students in Papua New Guinea. PSSPNG officially became a member of IPSF, under the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO), in August 2017. The association focuses to develop pharmacy education, professional development and public health within our university and country.


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The World Pharmacist Day Awareness Program

The World Pharmacist Day Awareness Program, with the theme “Safe and Effective Medicines for All”,  was aimed to promote pharmacists’ crucial role in patient’s safety through improving medicines use and reducing medication errors of the citizens of Papua New Guinea. A total of 90 Pharmacy students participated to advocate these health issues including antibiotic resistance, counterfeit medicines, the dangers associated with using traditional medicine concurrently with conventional medicines, and we also increased public awareness on “Polio, Measles & Rubella” - since these three diseases currently threaten many children throughout Papua New Guinea.