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Pharmacy Society, Medical Society, Hong Kong University Students’ Union

(PS, MS, HKUSU, Hong Kong)

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Background Description:

The Pharmacy Society, MS, HKUSU is a student association established in 2009, primarily aims to serve, represent and protect the interests of all our Members. For nobody understands pharmacy students more than the students themselves. The Executive Committee of the Society views uniting Members and strengthening the bonding between them of utmost importance, hoping to unite Members of the "Pharmily".

This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the Society. For the past ten years, the Executive Committee of the Society has provided the utmost care for the needs of Members. In the year to come, the Committee aims to pass on the well-established traditions of the past Committees and further bridge the gap between our fellow students and Department staff; and between our Members and external entities. With our constant vigilance, while holding various events, the professionalism carried by pharmacists will continue to be spread.




Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner is held every Late October by the society to gather our members, department staff and external pharmacy bodies and offer our members to not only congratulate the graduation of our recent graduates but also a chance to bond with staff and guests in the celebratory dinner.


Pharmacy Festival

The Pharmacy Festival is held every mid-February to offer our sincerest gratitude towards the support of our members by giving out welfare packages with personalised gifts and handwritten blessings. The bond between different cohorts is strengthened as we invite them to join our events such as Treats Day and Uniform Party with special themes chosen year by year within the Festival.


Orientation Camp

The Orientation Camp is organised every Late August to welcome our freshmen entering our Pharmily by experiencing a 3-day-2-night camp where freshmen get to know and make friends with our Members from different cohorts and enjoy a perfect start to their university life. Different pharmacy elements are incorporated into the camp to broaden our freshmen's view on pharmacy with the company of our current members.