PSA Taiwan

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Pharmaceutical Students’ Association of Taiwan

(PSA-Taiwan, Taiwan)

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Background Description:

PSA-Taiwan was formed by nine pharmacy schools throughout Taiwan, as a representative of 3000 to 4000 pharmaceutical students annually. With the ultimate goal of enhancing pharmacy students’ professional and soft skills, PSA-Taiwan officially joined the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) in August 2000. We aim at improving the relations between the nine pharmacy schools and other professional groups, cultivating the global perspective of the pharmacy profession of our students and endeavouring to improve our identity amongst international pharmaceutical students' associations. PSA-Taiwan strives to promote public health (PH) and professional development (PD) events annually and will launch the first Leaders In Training (LIT) in this mandate as a new step of engaging in the IPSF Pharmacy Education (PE) portfolio.


PSA Taiwan Annual Congress

PSA-Taiwan Annual Congress

A nationwide event held annually by PSA-Taiwan, with over 100 domestic participants involved. The congress is held with the aims of broadening horizons of the participants when it comes to the future pathway for pharmacy students in Taiwan and to encourage pharmacy students from all over Taiwan to connect and collaborate.

PSA Taiwan Foreigner

PSA-Taiwan Annual Congress Foreigner Package

A way to promote PSA-Taiwan and facilitate our students to get involved in international affairs, PSA-Taiwan offers several international students from different member associations to join the Annual Congress in recent years. Participants are able to learn more about the pharmacy field of Taiwan and also have a taste of Taiwanese culture in the additional field trips.

PSA Taiwan Pharmacy Cup

Pharmacy Cup

An annual event of PSA-Taiwan which each pharmacy schools in Taiwan take turns to organise, aiming at improving the health and professional proficiency of our students. Several sports competitions such as basketball, tennis, and swimming are included. Additionally, the semi-finals and finals of the Patient Counselling Event (PCE) are also held in this annual activity.

PSA Taiwan SEP Dance

SEP Nine-School Joint Dance Campaign

This is a new event launched in 2018, aiming at promoting the Student Exchange Program through dancing as well as introducing the beautiful scenery of Taiwan by posting the music videos on social media.