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Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy Students Federation (SAIPSF)

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Background Description

SAIP-SF was formed in 2014 with vision of bringing the students together by strengthening the values Pharmacy profession, Providing students with a well-rounded cultural awareness of integrative medicine and the vital role of Pharmacist in community.



Educational Webinars

The main focus this year was to educate our members more on entrepreneurship and the world of business. The Student Executive Board involved themselves with the Institutes Innovation Council to have webinars.


Art Unmasked

As frontline healthcare workers, it is our responsibility to educate and spread awareness about use of masks and role of sanitation. Through fun events, SAIP-SF tried to bring this out.


Awareness Campaigns

SAIP-SF also focuses on bringing the awareness about medicine in the rural areas as well as ensuring they are been taken care of. We have been tying up with some NGOs to support the healthcare system to unprivileged people.
Project like #Save1Rupeeaday- where a person can save 1 Rupee a day and can donate it, having rally and awareness about OTC medicines on Pharmacist Day and even celebrating some festivals with them.