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Ton Duc Thang University Pharmacy Organisation

(TDTUPO, Vietnam)

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TDTUPO represents pharmacy students, diversified with undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates within 4 years. The association is a non-profit organisation and is not related to any religious organisations or political parties. 


The association advocates for the development of Pharmaceutical Education, mastering learning about specialisation and community health care in Ton Duc Thang University, the action in which we will invest our time wide-spreading the healthcare knowledge for a better understanding of how to work with your medication and improve society health, and to create a network of students and pharmacists around the world by conferences, camps, etc. Not only does it give us friendships but also a better chance for Vietnamese pharmacists to dig deeper into the international markets. The international community are able to understand the pharmacy field from a Vietnamese point of view.



Vietnam 1

Speak Up for Health - Debate Competition

This competition was conducted in hopes that it will encourage students to speak up in English regarding health issues. The debated topics were about assisted suicide, tuberculosis, and western and herbal medicines.

Vietnam 2

Ring The Golden Bell Competition

The aim of this competition is exploring how much students know about the health care systems and health issues. It is also a chance for TDTUPO to raise awareness about antibiotics and HIV problems.


Vietnam 3

World Mental Health Day Campaign

This campaign is for students to draw and/or write messages for being sympathetic with people with mental and psychosocial disabilities. Pictures drawn by students were uploaded on Facebook with the captions #Worldmentalheatlhday2019 #WMHDcampaignTDTUPO and #TDTUPO.


Vietnam 4

One Minute One Health - Video Competition

This competition is an online competition, where students joined in groups of 2 or 3 to give messages about Antimicrobial Resistance.