IPSF APRO Online Poster Competition: Envisioning our Potential as Millennial Pharmacists

June - August 2020

Online Poster Competition is an initiative of the RPO’s Pharmacy Education portfolio with the 19th IPSF APPS Reception Committee. This competition was supposed to be held in APPS Singapore. However, due to cancellation of the event, APRO tried to shift the competition into an online format. The subtheme of the competition that we expect it to cover are paradigm shifts in healthcare, unique and new challenges for millennial pharmacists, as well as harnessing possibilities with AI, IT, Big Data, etc.


Aims of the Event

This initiative aims to raise awareness and amplify the knowledge on future healthcare-related issues that need to be overcome by millennial pharmacists or, in this case, future pharmacists from IPSF APRO.


What impacts does this event bring to the community?

Hopefully, by increasing the coverage of the competition by using an online platform, APRO could facilitate members to develop themselves more in this area. The topic of technology shifting in pharmacy is undeniable. In this unfortunate pandemic, pharmacists are forced to adapt themselves with all digital platforms to be able to keep functioning in the community. As a future pharmacist, pointing out and raising awareness of the community towards these issues is very important. Even without pandemic, the rapid development of technology are things that we cannot avoid.


What activities did this event include?

This competition will include abstract submission, poster exhibitions, and presentations. We will be inviting honorable judges from several APRO countries who engaged in innovation in pharmacy initiatives and practices as well as having exceptional experience in the pharmaceutical technology field to grade the participants. We are trying to make the atmosphere as similar as possible with the usual poster competition that we are having in APPS to maximize the experience of all participants. Last, we will also invite all APRO members who are interested in being observers in the online poster exhibition and contribute to the voting process of favorite poster as one of the judging criteria.

World Immunization Week - Online Comic Poster Competition

April - May 2020

Online Comic Poster Design Competitions are an initiative of the Regional Projects Officer (RPO)’s Pharmacy Education (PE) portfolio in seeking to raise awareness and amplify the knowledge on health care-related issues. The aim for this initiative is to encourage our Member Associations to share and provide their perspectives regarding various health issues in hopes that our consolidated efforts catalyses the enhanced literacy and understanding of the public towards the importance of immunisations.


The core theme of this initiative circumscribed about the importance of immunisation, and the artwork submissions are expected to deliver messages pertaining to the myths and facts, country’s policy and efforts in encouraging immunisation, scientific point of view, and lastly, vaccine hesitancy.


It was a pleasant surprise to receive a total of 15 submissions from our members in the Asia Pacific Region; and systematic evaluation coupled with popularity votes were carefully assessed before we announced our winners. The winners are: Hanna Isabel from Philippines, Muhammad Farhan from Malaysia, and Jesslyn Aryanti from Indonesia. All in all, we believe that by bringing the concept of public health to a level which the public and lay people can relate through comic presentation and light humour, our public strategy can reach out to more people.