Regional Working Group


Cheng-Hsuan Tsai (Michael)

IPSF APRO Chairperson 2019-20



Email: [email protected]


"My name is Cheng-Hsuan Tsai (Michael), the Chairperson of the IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office 2019-20. It is my great pleasure to serve our beloved region as the leader of the APRO Regional Working Group. In the coming mandate, APRO RWG would like to bring you a series of initiatives on projects, advocacy, and further strengthening the relations with our member organizations. The most important of all, we do hope you will enjoy the mandate with us!"

Yu Wun (Wendy) Jian

IPSF APRO Secretary 2019-20

New Zealand


Email: [email protected]


"I am Wendy, the IPSF APRO Secretary 2019-2020. I am very honored to be given the oppotunity to serve the Federation, more specifically APRO. In the upcoming mandate, you can expect a lot more standardisation, transparency and even policy writing! So, stay tuned for all the new opportunities and friendships we will gain from the upcoming year. Let us walk through this journey side by side to make this mandate and APRO the best that it can be. Viva La Pharmacie!"


Evelyn Tirza

IPSF APRO Regional Media and Publications Officer 2019-20



Email: [email protected]


"My name is Evelyn Tirza, the Regional Media and Publications Officer of IPSF APRO from 2019-2020. It is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to serve this federation in asia pacific region. In the upcoming mandate, IPSF APRO will be more colorful and full of creativity since we plan more on liven up our social media, youtube channel and website. I would like to invite everyone to follow, share, and subscribe our IPSF APRO social media in order to stay updated with the newest information and we can spread our projects to give a big impact to others ! I am looking forward to work with you all and I hope we can enjoy this wonderful mandate together."

Adhani Praderika Nafila Winardi

IPSF APRO Regional Relations Officer 2019-20


Email:  [email protected]

"My name is Nafila Winardi, the Regional Projects of the IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office 2019-20. I am honored to have the opportunity to be able to meet the brightest people of IPSF APRO and serve this federation for the upcoming mandate. Along with the start of the new chapter, comes new spirit too. I am so excited to be able to work with you all and I hope that you are all as excited as I am. Please keep your loves for this region and let's enjoy the mandate! Viva La Pharmacie!"


Florensia Rahati Pujiani

IPSF APRO Regional Relations Officer 2019-20



Email: [email protected]


"I am Florensia (Flo), the Regional Relations Officer of the IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office 2019-20. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve our pharmily in Asia Pacific region. In the upcoming mandate, I will be working closely with Member Organisations and external partners to strengthen our relationship, communication and collaboration. I would like to invite all of you to be active and stay tune in all our social media(s) to see more upcoming projects and news about RRO regarding membership and partnership. I will be happy to assist you guys and together we will do great as a team for the Federation. I believe throughout the year, you will be more in love with APRO! I want to see you guys all around the globe, so let's stay active!"


Teh Kee Siang

Chairperson of 19th APPS Singapore


Email: [email protected]


"HELLO APRO!!! I am Kee Siang, Chairperson of the 19th IPSF Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS). Together with Jabelle and Myat as Chairpersons of APPS 2020, and the rest of our reception committee, we want to welcome all of you to join us to experience APPS 2020 in the new decade!
APPS 2020 is going to be a legendary Symposium that focuses equally on impactful educational programmes, public health initiatives, as well as a social events for participants to network and make new friends from all around the region!

Our reception committee is committed to ensuring you have an awesome experience here in our island home. I’m very excited to be meeting all of you next year in Singapore!"

Kee Siang

Yoon Jung Choi

IPSF APRO Immediate Past Chairperson 2019-20

South Korea


"Hope the members in IPSF APRO could develop own professional skills, growing up to the pharmacist who could contribute those skill to the place or people in need.
Furthermore, wish we support each other for all pharmily to be on the same page with its' development.

Please warmly welcome our new team, who will lead next generation of IPSF APRO"