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CU Hotel Taipei


The hotel is situated near Taipei circle and the brightly lit night market, thus, the atmosphere of the hotel is full of unique Taiwanese local culture, while emitting a familiar nostalgia , and offering guests the memory of traditional culinary experience. The hotel is located near Shuanglian MRT station only 10 minutes away on foot. Convenient transportation takes you to everywhere. Nearby shops are great for shopping and tasty Taiwanese traditional snacks that are well-known in Taipei.



Hotel Facilities: 

This famous Taipei landmark is transformed with a brand new look. Using the night market as the inspiration and extending the concept of “being young, economical, consuming and convenient” the hotel is an unique combination of Taiwanese culture and metaphorical living space that renders a humanistic architectural exterior. A fresh , clean, simple and elegant spatial arrangement is coordinated with bright, modern characteristics to articulate a multi-layered sense of space , and to create an easy-going sense of convenient lodging.